Biochemistry I


General Chemistry (two semester or three quarter sequence)

Organic Chemistry (two semester or three quarter sequence)

Chemistry of Life / The Cell
Molecules of Life / Water
Acidosis / Alkalosis
Amino Acids / Proteins and Protein Synthesis and Maturation
Proteins: Globular, Membrane, Fibrous and Structural MP3 WAV
Membranes I & II
Myoglobin / Hemoglobin
Gas Transport / Antibodies & Antigens
Enzymes: Catalysis & Kinetics
Enzymes: Isozymes & Regulation
Enzyme Mechanisms-Serine Proteases
Overview of Nutrients / Vitamins of CHO Metabolism MP3 WAV
Cobalamin, Folic Acid, Antioxidants
Nucleotides: Composition and Structure MP3 WAV
Purine Metabolism and Pyrimidine Metabolism MP3 WAV
DNA Synthesis MP3 WAV
DNA Mutation and Repair MP3 WAV
RNA Synthesis and Processing MP3 WAV
Overview of CHO Metabolism
Intro To & Thermo Of Metabolism
Glycolysis Structures MP3 WAV
Citric Acid Cycle MP3 WAV
Glycogen Metabolism MP3 WAV
Gluconeogenesis MP3 WAV
Electron Transport


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