CHE 452, Spring 2015 Syllabus

Lecture Date Work Sheet Case Study
Glycolysis Citric Acid Cycle Structures w/ Numbers W 1/21* 01_Glycolysis & TCA Cycle  
Glycolysis Structures TCA Cycle Structures      
Gluconeogenesis Glycogen Metabolism M 1/26 02_Gluconeogenesis & Glycogen  

Allosteric Regulation Glycogen Regulation_1

Glycogen Regulation_2

W 1/28 03_Allosteric Regulation  

Insulin & Glucagon Insulin Receptor

Regulation (Big Picture)

M 2/2 04_Insulin & Glucagon

Case Study_01

Case Study_02



Digestion & Absorption of Proteins and CHO's Study Guide W 2/4 05_Digestion & Absorption  
Catecholamines Adrenal Glands M 2/9 06_Catecholamines  
Exam 1 W 2/11    
HOLIDAY M 2/16    
Fat Metabolism: Overview and Synthesis W 2/18 07_Fat Metabolism: Overview  
Fat Metabolism: Degradation M 2/23 08_Fat Metabolism: Degradation  
Fat Metabolism: Regulation and Integration W 2/25 09_Fat Metabolism: Regulation  
Arachidonic Acid Metabolism M 3/2 10_Arachidonic Acid  
Amino Acid Metabolism Study Guide W 3/4 11_Amino Acids  
Protein Turnover and Ammonia Metabolism M 3/9 12_Protein Turnover  
Heme Metabolism and Jaundice W 3/11 13_Heme  
Overview of Biochemical Endocrinology M 3/16 14_Endocrinology  
Vitamin A and Vision The Eye W 3/18 15_Vitamin A  
Neurobiochemistry I: Pituitary/Hypothalamus M 3/23 16_Neurobiochemistry I

Case Study_03


Exam 2 W 3/25  


HOLIDAY M 3/30    



W 4/1  


Neurobiochemistry II: Growth Hormone/Prolactin


M 4/6 17_Neurobiochemistry II  
Thyroid Hormone Study Guide W 4/8 18_Thyroid

Case Study_04

Solution 04

Calcium Homeostasis/PTH/Vitamin D M 4/13 19_Calcium  


W 4/15 20_Cholesterol

Case Study_05

Case Study_06



Adrenal Steroid Hormone Biosynthesis

Adrenal Glands

M 4/20 21_Adrenal Steroids  
Renin/Angiotensin/Aldosterone/ANP W 4/22 22_Renin  

Sex Steroid Hormones

Glucose Homeostasis and Biochemistry of Disease

M 4/27

23_Sex Steroids

24_Glucose Homeostasis

Exam 3 W 4/29    
Student Presentations M 5/4    
Student Presentations W 5/6    

* Self-study/Review/No Class Meeting

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Brief Review For Exam 2

Brief Review For Exam 3

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