Brief Review


Glycolysis and the Citric Acid Cycle

Trace the carbons from one Glucose molecule through Glycolysis, and the TCA Cycle ending with OAA.


For Glycolysis and the TCA Cycle know the names of all of the intermediates and of the enzymes where ATP, GTP, NADH, FADH2 are made or used. Abbreviations are fine.


PDH: Over-all equation, what goes IN and what comes OUT.



PPP: What products or reactants of the pathway are also intermediates in Glycolysis.


Gluconeogenesis: just know the three main precursors, Lactate, Alanine and Glycerol. (NO structures).


Know/understand the two enzymes which are different from Glycolysis.


Know the Cori and Glucose-Alanine cycles.


Glycogen Metabolism

Glycogen: the over-all purpose of the pathways, i.e. Glycogenolysis is to break-down Glycogen producing G-6-P, Glycogenesis is to store Glucose as Glycogen.


Focus on Glycogen Synthase and Glycogen Phosphorylase and their regulation (see Allosteric Regulation)


Allosteric Regulation


Everything is important.


Insulin & Glucagon


Everything is important. For the Insulin receptor stay with the half-sheet hand-out.


Know the "Big" picture (see hand-out).


Digestion and Absorption of Proteins and CHO’s


You need to know everything in the Study Guide found on the web site.



Know the notes cold.

Use the worksheets and quizzes to help you study.


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