Chapter 9


1.  Describe two properties of an acid and a base.


2.  Where would a 1.00x10-10 molar concentration be on pH scale?


3.   Label each of the following substances as acidic or basic:

a. vinegar

b. citrus fruit

c. aspirin

d. black coffee


4.  If the pH is 8, what is the molar concentration?


5.  Indicate which of the following is a property of an acid and which is a property of a base: 

a. Sour taste    

b. Bitter taste     

c. Slippery feeling    

d. Changes color of red litmus to blue   

e. Changes color of blue litmus to red


6.  If the concentration of solution is 1.00x10-12 M, what is the pH of the solution?


7.  What is the equation for the reaction between Tums, CaCO3(aq), and the HCl(aq) in stomach acid?


8. Write the names of the following compounds:

a. HBr

b. Ca(OH)2

c. H2SO4

d. KOH


9. How many moles of HCl are dissolved in 200 ml of 0.100 M HCl?


10. What is the molarity of the solutions formed when the following are dissolved to make 1.0L of solution?

a. 5.0 g of HCl

b. 40.0 g of NaOH