Chapter 14



1.  a.  What is organic chemistry?

     b.  What is the goal of natural products chemist?


2.  Which of the following are organic compounds?

a. NH3

b. C6H12O6

c. NaCl

d. CH2Cl2


3.  Classify each of the following as a natural product, parent compound, analogue, or derivative.  Note that there may be more than one description for some of these compounds.

a. Salicin

b. Acetylsalicyclic acid

c. Taxol

d. Methyl salicylate (oil of wintergreen)


4.  There are two isomers corresponding to the chemical formula C2H6O.  One is an alcohol, and the other an ether.

a. Draw each compound.

b. Which compound would you expect to be more water soluble, and why?

c. Which compound would you expect to have the higher boiling point, and why?


5.  Draw 3-carbon structures with the following functional groups, note a functional group may be part of the chain.

a. An alcohol

b. A carboxylic acid

c. An aldehyde

d. An amine