Chemistry and the Gym/Forensic Chemistry



1. Classify each of the following activities as aerobic or anaerobic.

a. walking up a flight of stairs

b. walking up 50 flights of stairs

c. studying

d. weight lifting


2. What are the benefits of increased VO2 max?


3. Name two chronic diseases for which the risk factor is decreased by exercise.


4. a. what is the 1st stage of glycolysis?

    b. what are two alternate fates for pyruvate?


5. Describe the path of glucose metabolism.


6. Given the fibers shown here under microscopy, is this material more likely to be nylon or cotton?                                                           




7. An empty pill bottle is found at a crime scene.  What types of tests might be done on the body next to the pill bottle?


8. The Breathalyzer has been largely replaced by the Intoxilyzer, which uses IR spectroscopy to detect and quantitate ethanol.  IR spectroscopy is specific for different functional groups.  What are the functional groups in ethanol that could be monitored?


9. For each of the following tests, decide whether it is a qualitative or quantitative test.

a. The Scott test

b. The Breathalyzer test

c. DNA sequencing 


10. What is meant by the statement, “Every contact leaves its trace”?